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The Fight for a Generation

March 14, 2005

I just returned from taking a group of leaders and students to Greensboro, NC to attend an Acquire the Fire event. Those of us who strive to keep our fingers on God’s pulse for this generation often find a real struggle digging through their difficulties to combat the root issues. I knew that the war is getting intense and that time is running out, but I, one who works in youth ministry, was more than challenged by how urgent the fight really is. I just wanted to take a few minutes and list for you some of the statistics (most of them from George Barna) that were presented to us at the conference. I pray they move you and light a passion in your heart like they did our group.

Each generation has a cultural impact of 50 to 70 years

90% percent of all people who convert to Christ do so by the age of 20

We are currently living under the impact of the Baby Boomer generation

Only 35% of Baby Boomers have been successfuly evangelised

We can obviouly see the permissive and amoral society that is developing under the Boomers

At the current rate of evangelism only 4% of the current generation will be evangelized compared to the 35% of the Boomers

We can only imagine how much worse it will be in our society in 4% if it is the way it is now under 35% evangelized


We have to move. We have to act. It is going to take all of us. It’s going to take radical thinking and creativity. It’s time to fight!

We here at Higher Place are committed to doing everything we can to reach this generation. To be a part of this fight you can certainly partner with us and be sure and check out for more information!

Scott and Lisa


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