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Mentors, Mercy, and Grace

April 18, 2005

It has been a number of weeks since I have posted. Things have been very busy as Higher Place is picking up and begining to get underway. My life has been altered so much through this time of transition, Joseph Sasser’s death, and recent whisperings of the Holy Spirit. I have been reflecting so much about the impact of Joseph’s life upon mine. It was Joseph that God used to launch me into worship with a heart to chase the Father. It was Kenny Davis who taught me about pursuing God’s presence with abandon. It was Ken Helser who has taught me journal and listen to God’s voice as a song writer. Mentors. Each of these men have mentored me in specific areas of my life that God is assembling to “get me there”. Isn’t that just like our awesome Heavenly Father. To use amazing people and circumstances that seem like simple friendships and passing encounters to radically move us towards His plan. My dad relates this to God’s mercy and grace. He says, “It’s mercy that found (and rescued) you and grace that gets you there”. What a powerful truth. Treasure your relationships. Look for the voice of God in the midst of them. Celebrate God’s mercy upon your life that found you like you were. And walk in God’s grace which equips you to get you all the way back to the Father looking like Him.

Scott and Lisa

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  1. kenn permalink

    Such a simple, yet powerful truth… I have known for a long time that God puts people, like you Scott, in our lives to impact us in ways that we cannot even perceive… what I have realized recently is that sometimes those people are not meant to replace our relationship with our Daddy, but to grow that relationship…

    Jesus mentored His disciples on earth for merely 3 years and look at the impact it has had on the world… I had my dad for a short 12 years, but 22 years later, I can still see things that he taught me… we will continue to see the impact that Joseph has had on our personal lives and our ministries for decades to come… no, we will see more when we get to heaven than we could ever see here…

    the common thread through all of these relationships is the Spirit of God… you know, the very same one that raised Christ from the dead… He’s in you… and in me… and in Joseph and my dad and all the others who have impacted our lives… each of these relationships are hugs from daddy God to reveal His person more deeply… some hugs are fleeting and cordial, some long and passionate… some may be hurried or rushed… but all serve His purpose.

    I thank God for the hugs that you and your family have been in my life.

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