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Open Up the Earth

May 18, 2005

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Jason Upton event. Being a fan of Jason Upton’s ministry, I was really excited to be able to sit under his ministry for the first time in person. There were so many great nuggets of truth that he shared throughout the weekend, but he made one statement that really made me pause and truly get a glimpse into the “sounds of heaven”.

He said that we so often sing and pray that God would open up the heavens. Come and be with us. Come fill this place. But that is the song of the earth. The song of the heavens is “open up the earth”. God is here. He is present, very often it is us who are not aware, not “open”. The passage in Psalm 22:3 states that God is “enthroned on the praises of Israel”. It does not say that God shows up when people praise. It is telling us that we need to put our selves in the position for God, who is present, to rule and reign in our lives. Praise, lifting God up above all, puts us in the proper position before an everpresent (“I am with you always . . .”) King. The issue for us is that the world (and very often ourselves) are not “open” to the rule and reign of a righteous and holy God. The beauty is that when and where God rules there is peace, love, joy, justice, mercy and grace in abundance. We need to pray, “Lord, open up the earth, prepare the way, empower us to declare before the nations the glory of a present and mighty King who’s desire is to adopt sons and daughters. Lord, I open my heart for you to rule in every way.”

The heaveans are open . . . Let’s open up the earth. “All creation groans and waits for the Spirit and the Bride to say come . . .”

Scott and Lisa


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