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God’s Will and the Fantastic Four

June 15, 2005

We and the whole crew returned from Alabama CFO this past Sunday and it was an amazing time. God really moved, stretched us, and gave us great opportunities to grow. Lisa, Sarah, Hannah, Jenna, Haley, Joseph and I had a powerful time of ministry with the children and teens. As the week unfolded, hearing God really became a major part of the discussion and ministry time with the teens. I know for me, as of late, this issue has been a major thing I have been “chewing” on. The Lord has really been reshaping my perspectives and bringing back to the simple instead of my usual, “it has to be complicated”, thoughts about God. Dr. Bob Stamps, one of the main speakers at the camp, came to one of our afternoon sessions with the teens along with Ken Helser. It was a blessed time as the students had a question answer time with them. One of students hit on this very issue of hearing God’s voice and knowing His will. In reply, Dr. Stamps said, “If you press in to know God, really seek Him, then His Will will find you.” It hit me like a ton of bricks. We spend so much time trying find His will that we don’t find Him. We work to make the will happen or the answers to come and we forget to BE His children and let Him do His work. God is looking for a people of faith that will just press into Him and simply obey in the moment. The Movie “Fantastic Four” will be coming out in a few weeks and there is a neat scene in the TV comercial that made me reflect on all of this. Two of the superheros are standing on top of a building that is in danger from a missle that is flying towards it. Both characters have recently learned of their super abilities and are not sure of all they can do. The Girl character looks at the other and says, “don’t even think about it”. To which he says, “I never do.” and subsequently runs and jumps off of the skyscaper and flies off to distract the missle and saves the building. He didn’t question, he did what was right. He, if you will, obeyed in the moment and found his purpose and destiny. Press into God and jump. The promises of God will catch you and His Will will be fulfilled in your life.

Scott and Lisa


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    scott and lisa…you guys rock!
    love and blessings,
    Haley Belle

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