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August 16, 2005

After a good long summer of tavel and ministry, one major thing really sticks out in my mind . . . Family. This whole existence revolves around this issue. God desires a family. He has given His all, including His life, to make it possible for us. He desires for us to discover our identity in Him so we can know who we are. When we know who we are we can have right relationships with one another. My dad says that righteousness is about right relationships. We get right with God, who helps us get right with ourselves, so we can be rightly related to those around us. That is the fertile ground where the Gospel goes forth! We have been so blessed in our family relationships with our interns and with each of you as we have travelled this summer. It makes it such a blessing to “be in the Kingdom on the way to the Kingdom” to walk this journey with each of you. So we just wanted to encourage each of you as we begin to close the summer and look into fall, run to the Father often, hear and see what He says about you, and love one another as He first loved us. There we find righteousness being manifested in our lives in mighty ways! We love each of you so much!

Scott and Lisa

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