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Letting Go . . . and Picking Up

August 26, 2005

I’ve been reflecting today about a conversation I had with my friend Michael regarding Elijah and Elisha. At Worshipfest Greenville this past weekend, Pastor Elliotte Pearson shared about Elisha picking up the mantle of Elijah (the anointing) and recieving the double portion of anointing. Mike gave me a call this week regarding that talk and reminded me about the passage in 2 Kings 2:12 that says Elisha tore his own clothes (mantle, if you will) and then picked up Elijah’s. I had never really reflected on this much. It is always the recieving of the double portion of anointing that gets a lot of focus not the removal of the old to recieve the new. He tore off his old mantle, his old position, his old office and stepped into the new. Often in our lives, to walk in the office/direction God has laid out for us we must put down the old. We are creatures who like to collect, own, build, and leave legacies. We like to lay hold of new things and add them to all of the old we already have. I am finding more and more lately that it is hard to lay hold of what God is putting in front of me with my hands holding fast to what lies behind me. We must tear off those old preconcieved ideas, lay down those old allegences on the altar, give God the glory for what we have built and leave it to Him alone. “Not to us, but to Your name be the glory.” – Chris Tomlin. When we do . . . watch out! The mantle the Lord wants us to take in place of the old is an infinite portion of anointing for what He calls us to. Letting go is hard and sometimes picking up is an enormous task, but God is looking for the obedient heart and willing hands.

Be sure visit the Worshipfest Sites and check out what God is doing in these awesome ministries!

Scott and Lisa

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