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What is really important?

September 1, 2005

Sitting in shock, horror, sorrow, and with a breaking heart, the images of victims of Hurricane Katrina scroll across my television screen. All of the things that people have worked so hard for all of their lives, washed away in just hours. Including loved ones. So many of the things that we treat as so important or take so much for granted were ripped away and replaced with confusion, loss, and desperation. What is really important? If you ask somebody on the Gulf Coast today, they could tell you. Life, family, basics, the next moment. This is why I do what I do. This is why we should desperately share the Gospel. It is important. It is vital and needed. Without it all is forever lost. We should obey the command of Christ to love God and love our neighbor. We should serve and give to those in need just as Christ told us to do. As you pray, and you should, for the vicitms; and as you give to help, and you should, renew your committment to the desperate root need of every human – the love, sacrifice, and redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, thank you pouring out your mercy to the vicitms on the Gulf Coast. Thank you for reaching in and bringing wisdom to the workers and peace to the hurt. Thank you mostly for moving mightily in this situation and bringing glory to your name as you pour out your Spirit to comfort. Make your name known, bring salvation to many, stir the hearts of your children to reach out. In the name of Jesus Christ – Amen

Scott and Lisa


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