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Recording, Worshipfest, Moving, and More

October 14, 2005

What an amazing and overwhelming time! We have sold our home near Carolina Beach and have spent the last week moving to our new house on the other side of town. Yesterday, we took about a four hour break in-between van loads to head into the studio to lay down four songs for our up-coming worship project. All-the-while, we are getting things ready for Worshipfest Wilmington next week. And all is to be done by tomorrow when I head out to Claymont Delaware for a meeting! Whew! What is so neat is that God has had us laughing, singing, enjoying, and even relaxing in Him all the way. If we will just keep our eyes off of the “stuff”, the busy-ness, and holding fast to Him, it truly is an amazing ride! He is our provision, our guide, our sustainer, our joy!

I can’t wait for you guys to hear the recording! It should be available at Worshipfest. It has been many years leading up to putting some of these songs down, I pray that they will bless you and direct you to the Father’s Heart!


Scott and Lisa

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