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Better or Closer?

November 4, 2005

I woke up from a dream this morning and was really disturbed by it. In the dream, I was with a few of my friends leading worship for a conference. We were having all kinds of techincal problems and it was taking a long time to get it straight. I looked up and noticed that almost all of the congregation was gone or heading for the door. I asked the guys that were with me, “Did we miss something? Is it over?” and a lady on the front row spoke up and said, “We were looking for someone more professional, we want someone who is not trying to get better, but is drawing closer.”

Wow. I honestly was a little wounded when I woke up. It is always my deepest desire to draw near to the Father and lead others there as well. I asked Lisa about it and and two things came to me. One is, knowing what my heart is, Lisa said to remember that the criticism means nothing. It is the Father’s pleasure we want, not man’s. Two, the Father reminded me of a deep need in this world. They have better and best by the world’s standards. They need closer. They are always looking for better, but the root need is closer. Closer to His heart. To be embraced by the agape love of a mighty King who rules and reigns with justice and mercy. Closer is better.

“Draw near to me and I will draw near to you . . .”


Scott and Lisa

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