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Becoming what you’ve been called

November 8, 2005

The last eight months or so have been quite a process. Transition, change, new direction . . . it has been amazing and painful all at the same time. In the last couple of weeks in particular, it seems that God has been getting my focus off of end results and onto the process. As my dad says, the destination is a done deal. God said I’ll get there, so it is absolutely sure that I’ll get there as long as I follow Him. So since that is set, the important thing is this moment, what is happening right now . . . the process. The Lord has been bringing me back to this thought a bunch lately, that it’s really about the relationships, the events and people all along the journey. That is where the glory of God is revealed. This moment is the only moment like this that we’ll ever have.

For me, it has been about letting go of what I have known for the last 10 years or worrying about how the next 10 are going to be and laying hold of this moment. This new leg of the journey is different from the last, the scenery is new. Relationships have changed, and that is hard, but God just keeps outdoing Himself all the time. He is more committed to me and what I am becoming than I am. He called me and He is making me become that very thing that He has said I am. His child. Worshipper. Friend. Abundant. Free. It just dosen’t get any better than that.


Scott and Lisa

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