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Be Thankful

November 28, 2005

I just got back from a great Thanksgiving break. As I have finally settled in from all of the festivities (unloading the car, putting the kids to bed, cleaning up after the cats) I have been refelcting on Thanksgiving as a break. It really is a shame that we have to take a break to have Thanksgiving. Not disregarding the precious history of this specific holiday, but the focusing on the idea of thanks.

According to scripture we are to “enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts . . .”. The last time I checked, the way “in” to the place of tabernacle (the place of God’s presence) was through the gates. If we truly long to be with our Heavenly Daddy, our King, then we need to be thankful more than just on certain occassions or when we just feel like it. We need to be thankful in all things (In all things, not necessarily for all things). Maybe the answer to most everything we walk through and encounter begins with being thankful to the God of all creation, because once we are thankful and encounter Him, then we are in His presence to recieve His word on our circunstances.

Scott and Lisa


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