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The Winds of Change

February 17, 2006

“The winds of change are blowing strong, the leaves are rustling on the ground, the trees are bending low under the strain. Blowing stronger still I stand, leaning in to gain my balance, holding on for the fear that I might fall.

Maybe fear has been my anchor
Maybe fear has held me down

Now the wind calls my name, now the wind leads me on
Now the wind calls my name, Holy Spirit bring the change”

These are some lyrics the Lord gave me last March after my friend Joseph Sasser died. I find myself returning to those thoughts in the last week as I have battled with the changes in life. Career change, schedule change, health changes, family changes. God never changes, life always does. We need to listen to the still small voice and throw ourselves into the mercy of His wind. The leading of His Spirit! The breeze of His life washes over us and guides us into all truth.

I am heading out today to the Annual Sockless Nerds Retreat. Love that event! Dad is sockless and they are all overwhelmingly intelligent people who come to share in Christ for a weekend! I get to be the music guy! Love anytime I get to spend with Dad.

Release 06 is just around the Corner! Make sure you go ahead and register TODAY – Space Is Limited! Go to and you can register online or print and mail in one! See you there!

Scott and Lisa

One Comment
  1. Caroline permalink

    Wow Scott, that just hit home to me. A lot of us here in ministry with 622 and in Greenville have been feeling fear. Fear of growing, of standing out for Him and changing. That is cool. Hope to see you at Release06. I will be coming down for Friday night through Sunday. Just let me know if you need any intercessors or anything else. See you soon, be blessed.
    Caroline Hicks (Matthew Lilley’s sister)

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