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Joseph Andrew Sasser – to God be the Glory!

March 14, 2006

One year ago today. The memories of that day have filled my heart today. The call, the hospital, the wait, the news, the heartache. But quickly chasing those memories are ones of celebration, good thoughts, so much learned, a life forever changed.

With out the gift of Joseph Sasser there would be many less children in the Kingdom. With out him there would be less children walking in the freedom of the Spirit. With out him there would have been a lot less laughter. With out him there would be fewer songs of intimacy and God’s glory. With out him there would be at least one less worship leader with the Father’s heart (I am so grateful for the impact on my life!). With out him we would be without Oasis Camps. With out him many of us would not have been forever changed. With out him we would be less a Benjamin. Thank God for Joseph Andrew Sasser..

Please take the time to write a note to Beth and Benjamin Sasser and share your memories and how Joseph impacted your life. Please take the time to continue to pray for them as they walk out this journey. Please take time and give Glory to God as Joseph so loved to do.

We miss you Joseph and our heart longs to see you again soon.

Scott and Lisa Hobbs

  1. Scott (5minutes) permalink

    Well it’s not by might
    For you to get it right
    And it’s not by power
    For you to be a Godly tower
    And it’s not by tryin’
    You keep that flesh a-dyin’
    What you need the most:
    Be filled with the Holy Ghost


    Whatchya gonna do in the middle of the fight?
    Gonna walk by faith and not by sight
    Whatchya gonna do when the enemy comes?
    Gonna speak the Word and watch him run.

    Spirit set me free
    To walk in perfect liberty!

  2. Ronnie Daw permalink

    Fond Memories of playing this rockin’ song with Joe. Looking forward to playing it again for our Lord in person this time!

    Ronnie “D”

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