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Leaps of Faith

June 21, 2006

As we get into the summer tour of ministry and intern program this summer, I find myself looking into the eyes of something that is so much larger than myself. I have had a glorious assault on my self reliance and I am sure that it is a God thing. I am reminding myself that it is not my responsibility to cover it all, fix it all, get results, do it all, etc. It is only my responsibility to have a crazy and outlandish obedience to whatever the Father says. These are leaps of faith. Knowing God said do something, the money and provisions aren’t in sight just yet, but jumping into it with certainty that you will land absolutely in the middle of God’s glory.

I am reminded of a story Peter Grieg was sharing in his book Red Moon Rising. He was visioning about a ministry that he knew was a big job. Since it was big, He began to stratigize on how to get it done. God spoke to Him and said, “That’s a good plan/strategy, but it won’t work. You need to take Jericho.” He wondered what that could mean. Then Peter figured, if he where Joshua and God told him to take the city, he would have planned, built war machines, and made ladders to scale the walls. A good strategy. But God required a leap of faith. God’s plan was crazy obedience to a crazy plan. Walk around the wall and yell at it. We so often take something God has laid out in front of us to do and is way bigger than we are and scale it down to people size, something we can manage. God is in the business of bringing us back to Himself. He sees the larger picture and His plan operates according to that principle. Have Faith, Leap, and Land in the Glory of God. This is the miraculous place where things that are way larger than us that we could never do on our own are delivered into our hands.

One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    hey scott and lisa,
    thanks for the news letter. i know God is going to do mighty things. be verry blessed. Brett and myself had a wonderful time at alabama cfo. hope to see you next year.

    in christ jessie and brett

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