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The Big Catch Up

December 9, 2006

It’s been a while since we have posted any major update about Higher Place. It has been a crazy time since the close of our summer tour. At the end of the summer, I recieved an invitation to become the worship pastor at Eagle’s Nest Fellowship in Milton, DE. I was on my way to the church to lead worship for a meeting there and to tell them “no” when the Lord began to make it obvious that it was His idea for us to be there. I had many questions for the Lord about what that meant for Higher Place. As it turns out, the Lord has meant this whole move as an expansion of the ministry. We aren’t slowing down or closing down Higher Place Ministries . . . we’re ramping up all the more! Being at Eagle’s Nest provides us with new ministry and training resources that we’ve never had. It will expand our student intern program in a massive way, as well as, allow us to put new and more concentrated efforts into our music. Our schedule will thin out slightly, but not much, and other areas will grow significantly.

I have spent the fall maintaining the ministry schedule and running back an forth to Delaware to get settled. The family is officially (hallelujah!) moving up next weekend.

I should have our new CD – Be Amazed EP – in hand the first week of January. Be on the look out to get one because they will be a limited release just for the Be Amazed Youth Rally in Ocean City, MD. (check it out at )

The point of all of this is . . . . . . . . . . .

So often we get locked in to what we think the Lord made us for, our “purpose”. We think that it is to do this or that, but in reality, the Lord made us for Himself. When we respond to Him by faith in Christ, he then sends us out to do the “good works prepared ahead of time in Christ Jesus”. I almost missed an amazing opportunity because I was afraid of what I might lose. Respond to God then your steps will be ordered! “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord . . .”

We anticipate many amazing years of Higher Place Ministries, but more than that, we are looking forward to many years of serving Christ and walking with all of you!

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