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Just Questions On Where’s the Line

December 24, 2006

Where is the line between sharing faith and shoving faith?

With the right heart motivation, a true care for people, is there a line?

What is our response to those who say keep our faith private?

Do we ask them to keep their advertisement for their business, their opinon about their favorite sport team, OR their political belief in private? (granted, the debate of faith is of a more complex nature than the NFL)

Would we not know of great products, opportunities, and the such if there wasn’t advertisement and word of mouth sharing?

When you believe something is great, don’t you share?

How do you treat the server at the Peking Wok at the mall who offers you a sample of General Tao’s Chicken?

What do you do when someone rejects your favorite “insert item here”?

Aren’t most of the conversations you have with people centered around your life experience?

What’s wrong with sharing things that have impacted your life?

What’s wrong with celebrating something great?

Aren’t we aware of the great minds and contributions of people down through the ages because the shared?

Isn’t there something wrong in society when people are so offense sensitive that just sharing(not forcing) what we believe to be true is grounds for great offense?

Shouldn’t we reject the sharings that we don’t want with gracious kindness and, EVEN more so as believers, share in loving kindness our mission and belief?

When you share, do so lovingly and live what you believe. I like the phrase, “presentation is everthing (in communication)”. Some of the opposition we face is the way things work “The gospel is an offense to those who don’t believe”, however, there is a good deal of fault on our part as believers for the way we have treated those whom we say that we love. DO SHARE YOUR FAITH, in word, in deed, in life, in service to others.


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