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Christian Club or Followers of Jesus?

February 3, 2007

Brian McLaren is seen as a controversial figure in some church circles these days, but I deeply appreciate some of the points of view and perspectives that he and the emerging church bring to the table.

Here’s a question posed to Brian McLaren by Sherry Huang at belief and his, in my opinion, very good answer.

“How would you suggest that the church work in a postmodern world?”

“A good start would be for us to talk less about being Christians and more about being followers of Jesus. If we were to actually live the way Jesus taught us to live, it would humble us. We can be very proud if we understand the right doctrines and have certain opinions. But when we deal with the very nitty-gritty of living the way Jesus taught us, none of us can act very proud. We would start taking seriously the things Jesus said about caring for the poor. If we see our neighbor in need, we go and do what we can to help. The most important thing is that we stop being content as members of the Christian religion and actually aspire to start living in the way of Jesus.”

* note – postmodern refers to people that do not feel like they fit any longer in the mainline church and people in search for God without religious background.


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