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Church Should Be . . .

February 3, 2007

Another quick post for today,

Brian McLaren Comments on Leonard Sweet’s E.P.I.C. acronym for how church should be.

Church should be:

E – experiential. It is not just about listening and thinking, but
there’s the idea of “let’s enter into worship as an experience.” An
increased emphasis on the senses, not just the rational faculties – so
emerging churches actually seem kind of ancient. They are
rediscovering liturgical practices such as candles, incense and

P – participatory. The idea that worship is not just something you
observe, like watching television. You really participate. For
example, in our church, an important part of our worship is a period
of about 20 minutes in which there are stations around the room where
people might go to ask for prayer, or write down a prayer or a poem,
or make their financial offering, or seek communion.

I – image-based. The idea here is not just words for the ears, but
an increased emphasis on things you can see. Because of digital
technology you have the capacity to project images, show artwork, use
film and video.

C – communal. A strong emphasis on community. People are saying, “We
don’t just want to attend a service and look at the back of people’s


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