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In The Moment

February 3, 2007

Lisa and I had dinner tonight with some new friends (it was an awesome time) and as we were hanging out and exchanging stories, I was brought back to a familiar but simple thought. I know I spend a lot of time in deep thought. I like to dream about the things that my human mind cannot conceive to just get a glimpse of eternal secrets. I love to have theological conversations about the nature of God, Man, and the human condition. The truth is however, those thing being wonderful in their own right, life is a series of moments. Each one is eternally important. Each one is a chance to encounter the living God – right then. As we shared stories tonight, one story spurs on another as it always goes, we laughed, reminisced, and marveled at some of their similarities. We saw the life connection, we had community, we found the common ground – it was God revealing Himself in the moment. Yes, revealing in the way that we miss Him most of the time. It’s not Damascus road or earthquakes and fireworks (albeit He can do that), it’s the simple life moments. I do believe that’s what he meant in Acts 2 when they “dedicated themselves to the fellowship”. Seize the moment – see God.


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