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March 30, 2007

As a Christian, I have often repeated the typical phrases and spiritual words. One of these phrases is “We weren’t worthy of salvation” or “without Christ we can do nothing . . .”, but those things are just that for us – phrases. It’s not until we are confronted in our flesh and heart with the reality of those ideas that we abandon ourselves to Christ in desperation for His mercy and grace.

I am insufficient. I can be very creative and charismatic. Those traits have carried me far sometimes and given me great permission with some people. But there is an end to my ability. The problem with relying on our own traits and gifts is that they are a resource that can be exhausted. We wear out, there are situations we are confronted with that expose our limitations. I find, as the scripture says, that God will not test us beyond what we can bear, but I know to be true that He WILL allow situations that we cannot overcome with out HIM. To be an overcomer is to be utterly and completely defendant upon Him.

We are insufficient. He is all sufficient. Abandon yourself to Him.



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  1. Joell permalink

    That is a good word, bro. Good for me to hear today! Love you!

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