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Words of God in the Shower

April 1, 2007

Does that ever happen to you? I was taking a shower this afternoon and I was just praying about some things. I have really been humming through one of Jonathan Helser’s songs where we sing “God comes down as the praises go up”. It has been my heart cry. So I’m in the shower, focusing on God, humming the tune, and God spoke strongly in my spirit. I’m used to God speaking to me, but this was so strong it caught me off gaurd. God’s cool like that.

He said, “I Am Coming . . .”

I have been feeling tremors in the Body of Christ for a while and I’ve been watching the raising up of the Nameless Faceless army. I really feel, at least in my own life, God is opening a new season of out pouring. The Lord is Coming! Get our houses in order, open up our windows, BELIEVE the word (that means to actually do what it says – THE LORD IS COMING. He’s coming to flood our sanctuaries, to stir up gifts, to unleash this generation in all of it’s passion and creativity, the Lord is Coming!

Go Up, Go Up, Go Up, Go Up, Go Up!

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