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On the Way Up

April 18, 2007

Since my last post, of which the last line says go up, go up, go up . . ., I have hit stage two. Stage two being the process of going up. LOL. Do we ever truly get prepared for what is coming? Embrace the process is what my dad always says. I miss my parents, family, and friends a lot, by the way. When I made my last post, I was in the moment of having really received a word from God. I was in basking in the after effects of having been touched by God. Then the journey continued. Isn’t it glorious? Like children blissfully unaware of the next moment. Completely consumed with where they are in time. It has been difficult since I made that last post. It has been an opportunity to grow. I am going up and God is preparing me all along the way.

On other notes:
We had an awesome ministry time in Rising Sun, MD the other night
I’m continuing to work on some new tunes
We’re getting all of our schedule stuff worked out
Summer is Coming
Our whole family (including pets) have developed allergies since moving to Delaware

We Love all of You!
The Hobbses

One Comment
  1. Joell permalink

    I understand the whole “are we ever truly prepared for what is coming” thing! Very much so at this moment.

    Hang in there. DO embrace the process. You are right where God wants you.

    Can’t wait for the new tunes and to see you this summer! I love you bro and I’m so proud of you! MWAH!

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