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Look at your feet

September 1, 2007

Hey gang! It has been a mojor long time since updates and thoughts. You probably notice that your are looking a new page for the blog. We decided that putting tons of information in multiple places was complicated and silly. So, we are placing all of our blog stuff here for the time to come. Check back often!

It was an amazing but difficult summer of ministry. Lisa and I have been looking forward to this fall in more ways than we can share. Mainly we know that it will be a time of rest and new creativity. We are good and settled here in little ol’ Delaware and are actually loving it! God has been so faithful to us and is doing a mighty work in our hearts. Higher Place is finding its stride amongst all of the change (you’ll see that refelcted in our schedule) and is moving into a new season. Eagle’s Nest (the church where I am the Creative Arts Pastor) is moving briskly through its transition and is great!

Through this time of change I have learned to look at my feet. Meaning, pay attention to where I am. It’s where I am that God is working. Right where I am standing is the point of desicion. The place where my feet are planted is where ministry is taking place. Not somewhere I can’t be, not somewhere in an idealistic future, not where I used to be. Praise God! God is near! God uses us right where we are if we will pay attention.

Thanks for the ongoing prayers and support! Look for some neat news soon!

Love you guys
Scott and Lisa


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One Comment
  1. Joell permalink

    Bloom where you are planted, my bro!

    You rock and I love you! I’m looking at my feet too, and I like where they are! 🙂 Miss you.

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