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The Whos (Who Are You?)

December 10, 2007

We spent last week going over Who is God.  What is He like?  What is His Identity?  We examined some of the names of God found in the Bible as they give us some insight into who God is.  If we are going to show the world out there that God is real then we must know Him.  Some tips are to Read Scripture, Pray, and Spend time with Him (solitude, fellowship, nature, and talk about Him).  Being rightly related to God allows us to begin to be rightly related to our selves.  How we see ourselves is huge.  It will define how we live and behave.

Who are you?

People form identities for a host of reasons and for the most part in western society they have to do with an outward visible sign.  The root issue is we desire to be accepted/or approved of.

All of the major modern fathers of behavior thought agree that people need in general 3 things

          To feel safe or secure

          To feel significant

          To feel loved

Most of this gets filtered out in believing that our behavior is who we are.

                Career, Gifts, Social Orders

Some identify themselves with possessions and appearances

                Stuff, Clothes, Physical Appearance, Friends

Difficulty with all of these is that they all can change.  Basing our identity in things that can change leave us open to be utterly destroyed when those things turn out differently than we planned.   This when we either blame God for our circumstances, give up, or worse.

1 Kings 18 and 19

                 Elijah was a powerful prophet who accomplished some amazingly huge things for God.

Elijah at Mr. Carmel has a show down with the prophets of Baal for Israel to see which god was the true God.  Israel was getting away from worshipping Jehova as the one true God. Elijah was a powerful prophet who accomplished some amazingly huge things for God.

That day God showed up in a powerful way.  God consumes with fire Elijah’s sacrifice and all the prophets of Baal were killed.  Ahab tells Jezebel about what happened up on the mountain, she sends a messenger back to Elijah to tell him she wants him dead – so he runs away and asks God to kill him. 

Great prophet – scared to death

It can be easy for us to be caught up in what we do as our identity.  What we do is not what makes us who we are.

1 John 3:1 – Who we are is that we belong to Him.

“Deepest thing I know is that I am my Father’s Son and my Father is God.” ~ John Hobbs

Who you are is that you are a Child of God.

Allows you to be:

                Free from trying to get people’s approval – God is already pleased

                Confident because you are His and He is with you – Greater is he  . . .

Passionate about life and others because you begin to see those things from his perspective not yours

You can share your faith and be relevant because you know Him; He is with you, etc.


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