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2008 Thinking

December 11, 2007

It’s been just a tad over a year since our transition to Delaware and the Lord is doing some amazing things! It has been a journey that I know has been set in place by God because of all of the opprortunities grow we’ve had. I feel as though I have been fed by a firehose since we’ve been here. Learning new management skills, creative arts skills, large church dynamics, some independance that requires dependance on God, and mostly things about myself that the Lord wants to deal with. In reflection of the last year I know that I want to continue to work on my communication skills (clarity and timeliness), my “no’s” (how, when, and where to say them), dedication to creativity, and the depth of relationship with God. So my reflection of 2007 leads me to some goals for 2008. I hope you are doing the same – reflect, pray, and set goals. We all need to grow, we all need to hear from God.



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  1. It’s been quite a year of transition for our whole family, I think. You have weathered it well. I feel God stretching me and making me look up and pay attention…and GROW. I’m so grateful.

    Love you bro and see you NEXT WEEK!

  2. Hey Bro.

    I tried to comment a minute ago…but here goes again…

    Seems like it has been year of transitions for our whole family, I think!! You have weathered the changes well. I’ve had many opportunities to grow myself and I am so thankful.

    See you next week! Love you.

  3. Tim permalink

    Those are some good thoughts. Heather and I are in the process of making some goals for next year. One thing that has been on my mind is community. Here is a great article and a great idea ( )

  4. sarah permalink

    yall made it though

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