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You and I Need This . . .

February 10, 2008

Watch these two videos and allow God to Shake You and Let Him Love You . . .

The Song is by John Mark McMillan.  The first video is John telling the story of the song and leading some of it at the Call 7-7-07.  The second is the song lead by Kim Walker.  Please take time to watch them both.

  1. sarah permalink

    so im pretty much obsession with this song now, it’s such a great message though. God’s just so friggin’ awesome!

  2. Justin permalink

    Wow……I just sat in my office and cried like a baby for about 30 mins while I listened to this song back to back. It truley is an amazing song straight fromt the heart of the Father! He does love us far and above what we could ever know. The God of all creation is jealous for us!


  3. Stephen permalink

    I listened to this song on wed. night and then again sat, morn.It is so amazing that how we miss God and how we fowl up that his love is greater then all for us.Nomatter what the goings on in life he is ever loving God.Can`t wait till sun PRAISE!! Be blessed

  4. WOW. Awesome. What else can I say.

  5. Scott, Kevin Millard Here. I just thought of you and headed over to the praisenation website, that is funny , I know it is an old post but I have been doing a Watchman Nee study at Danny Nobles house and have also been doing a Blue Like Jazz one. Pretty cool. I hope you are doing well, hopefully I will see you soon when you are around these parts.

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