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February 18, 2008

 Thanks to all of you who came out to worship last night!  It was an awesome time!  Some of you guys even chose to be here instead of watching the Race, WOW!Here are the notes from last night!  I wanna challenge you to spend more time IN CONVERSATION with God this week!


God Show Me, God I Need To Hear

Lilly Tomlin:

“Why is it that when we talk to God we’re religious, but when He talks to us we’re schizophrenic?”

I love the movie “Bruce Almighty” for a good number of reasons

Shows God’s



          Giving us what we need versus what we want

          Shows that it is us that He is after

          Teaches us that His will really is best

Have you ever looked at your friend, wife, husband, kids and talked to them, but you know they weren’t getting it?

Bruce is guilty of what we are often guilty of in our relationship with God, we know the answer WE WANT before we even give Him the opportunity to be God.

We pray selfishly

          We’re wired that way (Covered a few weeks ago)

          We really are more interested in the momentary answer than the real solution

Have you ever been used?

          It hurt

          It made you angry

We use God as a means to alleviate our mistakes, to get what we want

What we all really want is a relationship!  Someone to be there, to talk with, to lean on, to know and be known


1 – God wants a relationship with you – John 3:16, Luke 19:10 – Jesus came to see and save what was lost – What was lost?  The relationship! (Talk about Adam and God)

                To know and be known

                To discover and reveal, to live life together

2 – We need to ask and share

          Bring petitions – Philippians 4:6 – Don’t worry (He’s gonna answer) Give thanks (He’s gonna answer), Make Your Request (You need to take the step of Faith)

          Conversation brings intimacy – You know someone by sharing your heart

          It reveals – Matthew 11:25-28 – Jesus’ call is for them to come and he will reveal.  The disciples, now us, are in a position to hear and learn through coming to Him and being with Him.

o   Read Jesus’ Prayer – John 17:6- He desires for us to be together – to be close

3 – God Speaks

          All the time in many ways – Citations through scripture

o   Directly – Adam, Prophets, Disciples,

o   Inwardly – Prophets – Still small voice

o   Through Others – Prophets, Disciples

o   Through Scripture – Jesus quotes it

o   Physically – observations of events and situations – Burning bush, wars, seasons

          It’s not just a one way communication

o   We tend to pray at

o   We tend to be impersonal

o   We talk to God as if He doesn’t know us

4  – Intentional

          Every-day we just happen to meet people

          It’s the ones we pursue and return the favor that become close

          We must be intentional about our relationship with God

o   He has been pursuing us all the while – John 6:44 – He draws us

o   Pray conversationally and often

§  Private Conversation – Jesus often was out in the mornings praying

·         Bible says to go into your prayer closet – get alone!

·         Moses went up on the mountain to hear and speak

o   Pray by living

§  Make God Part of the Conversation

·         Just talk about Him

§  Live the principles

·         Love God Love People

·         Serve – The will know you because of your love for one another – it was shown in service – Cite Early Church

·         Be hopeful because you have Hope – Acts 2:25-27

o   Romans 4:18 – Abraham hoped because he had “heard” the promise

o   Worship

§  Don Potter (Read His Book, Facing the Wall)

o   Study Scripture

o   Fellowship with others who know

§  Practice with those who are better!

§  More Next Week


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  1. Scott permalink

    I think the idea of a intimate relationship with God is something that is hard in our busy world. I am struck by the fact that God just wants us- and doesn’t need what we do. Cool.

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