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February 26, 2008


Last week we talked about prayer.  It’s communication, a conversation, between us and God. 

We discussed how relationships are very much rooted in communication. With God and with people.

How many of you have had an experience with people that made you look at relationships and people differently? 

·         Life and death moment

·         Missions Trip

·         Someone did something amazing for you

·         Someone accepted you as you are

2 general things have happened in these people encounters depending upon our experience

·         We’ve responded by drawing closer to people

·         We’ve responded by walling out to people

The key is that as we grow in our relationship with God, our responses to people and relationships will go beyond what takes place in the circumstances. Our responses will be rooted in our relationship with God.  We will see people and circumstances as He does and respond accordingly.

This whole series is based in the idea of responding out of our relationship with God

·         As we encounter Him we change

·         The more we draw close to Him the more we respond like He would and less like we would

It is vitally important that we remain close to God and jealous of our relationship with him

·         So we can deal with ourselves

·         Deal with others

·         Deal with circumstances

We were created for relationships – Gen. 2:18 “It is not good for man to be alone”

·         Adam had God, but still was designed for community (family)

·         It’s not about more hands to get the job done.  It’s about the joy of family, group discovery

o   A parent’s joy of watching children discover things they already know

o   Our joy of sharing experiences and our growth by sharing life together

·         We discover things about God in the context of relationships

o   Moses being sent to speak to Pharaoh

§  God commanded the task

§  But God still cared for Moses weakness

§  God sent Aaron with Him

o   In Acts we see the church’s response to Salvation was to become community

§  Acts 2

o   We see cooperate worship, gatherings, and celebrations throughout scripture

§  People connected to one another by their connection to God

So what am I saying?

Relationships are a response to our relationship with God.  When we draw close and encounter Him the growing desire should be to share that with others and be connected to them

This means

·         You need constant connection with God

·         You need regular connection with people who know Jesus

·         You need regular connection with people who need to know Jesus

Relationships will

·         Reveal deep things about God to you – always an adventure Mathew 11:25

·         You will have amazing encounters and experiences with people of like faith

·         You will have something to offer that is life changing to people who need it so much

Relationships are

·         God’s provision

·         Our Joy

·         Our Mission

We will mess up

·         Not spend enough time with God

·         Hurt people we love and make mistakes

·         Miss opportunities to be a servant

The way relationships work is to always come back to the charcoal fire John 21

We will blow it.  That’s not the point of relationships.  The point is that we’re willing to come back and get it right.

If we love Him (this indicates that we are close to Him) then we will offer what we have in relationships. 

Feeding indicates offering the truth of Christ

It indicates discipling people

It indicates relationships


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