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Hey Mr. Gates

March 2, 2008

On a funny note, being a long term PC guy who would love to have a Mac. I’ve got a fairly new laptop running Vista Ultimate (I know, I know). And I was the recipient of the Blue Screen of Death award today. Not doing anything, just sitting there, not running any programs, just a Blue Screen, just for fun. Thanks Mr. Gates! My friend Jeffery tells me I have Mac Envy.


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  1. sarah permalink

    one day you’ll get one scott! they still get pop ups and have their issues, though! but my mac has no cool sticker on it yet, so thats a downside to your PC

  2. There’s a reason you have Mac Envy, Scott… Macs are goooooood. Come to the Dark Side, Scott.

    Not that they’re less prone to failing. My iBook died about a year ago, and I’ve been waiting to get my new Mac for work. Fortunately, the new project at work (big $65,000 video production project) meant I needed a video workstation. Next week, my Mac Pro should be arriving… dual quad core processors, 10 gigs of RAM, 1 TB of HD, 2 DVD writers, 512 MB video, 24″ monitor… oh, and it runs Windows.

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