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Faith, Obedience, and Sickness

March 11, 2008

Well . . . we stepped out in faith to obey the leading of God and have been physically sick pretty much ever since. No kidding. For over 12 months at least 1 of us has been sick at any given time. I’m not mad at God, I really sure we heard His voice to come to Delaware, I’m just frustrated at sickness. Our God heals. Period. When, where, and how I know is His business. My job is to take care of myself, use common sense, PRAY and BELIEVE. After 2 sets of ear infections with the kids, vairous sinus problems, and a real nasty bout with stomach stuff (all in the last 30 days), we are asking you guys to partner with us in prayer. Our God heals. Period. We love all of you so much and are so thankful for your support. We want His heart and nothing less. We only want to do what our Father in heaven says do. We are looking forward to posting an amazing report of wellness here!

Scott and Lisa


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  1. Will do. We’ve had a similar couple of years, between me snapping my knee and Mrs. 5minutes having 2 surgeries (with a third on the horizon). Now my doctor and I have declared war against my weight and I may be looking at something major in the next couple of years there. We’ve been sick, tired, and stressed.

    Fortunately, we’re also in the hands of a merciful and gracious God.

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