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March 13, 2008

Thanks to everyone for your time and patience last night!  One of the purposes I have found for Wednesday night practices is for everything to go wrong so that it can be right on Sunday.  You guys were great and hung right in there.   I was thinking about last night and the Lord reminded me of Jonah.

The Lord commanded him to go to Nineveh and tell them to repent or judgement was coming.  After the little trip in the belly of the big fish convinced him to go, Jonah got it in his mind how the whole deal was going to go down.  They were bad and God was going to destroy them.  But that’s not how it went and Jonah just couldn’t understand why God let them live after he was sure that it was going to happen they way he had figured it out.

Ok, so here’s the thought.  We often work so hard on things (like me yesterday trying to pull it all together for last night) and have a certain idea of how it is going to play out.  Then when it goes differently, we get frustrated (like me, lol) and don’t understand.  When really, our job is to plan the best we know how in obedience to what we have heard from God.  After that, we have to trust Him, love one another, and work on the stuff that God reveals to us to work on.

Thanks again for your patience, commitment, love, and passion for God.  You guys are amazing and Sunday is going to be awesome!  Besides, we’re coming to meet with the King and it’s for sure that He’ll be here!

 Love ya!

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