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Family and Ministry Updates

March 15, 2008

Thanks for all of the encouragement and prayers. We are all feeling a ton better and seem to be walking in some better health here! Our God Heals! On additional notes, Olvia (Baby girl due in May!) is doing great and growing like a charm. Of course, so is Lisa and is ready to deliver! Music has been good. I’ve been writing some and look forward to putting out some new stuff soon!

We’ve been rearranging our summer schedule due to Oliva’s soon arrival and my responsibilities as the worship arts pastor at Eagle’s Nest Fellowhsip. So again, we really appreciate your prayers and your patience! You guys are great. I’ve chatted with Matthew Lilley (6:22 Ministries) and we will be hanging out at Worshipfest again this year. (8-8-08) You don’t want to miss it! Make plans to come! I’ve posted a video for ya:

One Comment
  1. sarah permalink

    at first i read it “olivia’s arrival” and i was like “they didn’t tell me!!!!!!!!!!” but then i re-read it, i am so excited!!!!!

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