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Right When You Need It

March 17, 2008

God is never late.  Well, He is sometimes by my watch, but I’m wrong.  He is never late.  Last night I randomly ran into a friend from out of town.  We chatted and hung out for a while after the ethos service I was leading.  As we talked, he asked if he could pray with me.  During our prayer time, I just became overwhelmed with the pleasure of God.  I was just acutely aware of His love for me and that He was delighted in me.  You have no idea how badly I needed it.  How badly I’ve needed it for a while.  It was right on time.  God spoke to me in a moment when I would remember it, it made the most impact, and where I would begin to pour it back out.  Right when you need it.  He’s there.

“My name is engraved on the palm of Your hand

I am the apple of your eye

Your heart erupts with joy over me

anything else is a lie

You are my Father, You are my King

I am Your son, in whom, You’re well pleased”

~ Jonathan David Helser


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