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Who's In Charge?

March 18, 2008

Thanks for coming out last night!  You guys are so faithful and it’s great seeing how ethos is growing and shaping up each week!  Here are the notes from last night!


Let’s talk about Bosses:

·         Why are they important?

·         Why do we not like them?

·         Famous Bad Bosses

o   The God Father – My way or, well, you’re at the bottom of the river

o   Nathan Jessup – A Few Good Men – Self preservation, wrong motives

o   J. Jonah Jamison – Dailey Bugle – Dishonest – Cheap

·         Good Bosses – from internet

o   Management Successes happen via the efforts of the workers

o   Delegate responsibility and then trust your people

o   Know your employees to know their strength

o   Clone yourself, many times

o   Empower your staff to make decisions

o   Create a clear chain of command

o   Help them learn to workout issues without your intervention

o   Deal with problems quickly and directly

o   Tell your staff how much you appreciate them and do it in front of customers if possible

o   Show your appreciation by doing things for them

o   Share your goals with employees

o   Learn to be an effective listener

o   Be the Boss


It’s amazing how we conceptualize God on the basis of bad assumptions.

AND how these good boss principles are for the most part what He is like!


In the time of the prophets through the time of Christ people were looking for the Messiah

·         To come and overthrow the Government

·         And to rule the people through power

·         They were looking for a military King


When Jesus arrives on the scene ~ He blows all paradigms, but completely fulfills all that has been said (Zech. 9:9-10)

·         He does defeat the enemy ~ death, hell, and the grave

·         He does set up His throne ~ in the hearts of people

·         He does rule and reign ~ over all – “Every knee will bow . . .”


Mark 11:1-11

·         It is seen as a fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9, 10

·         Horses are a tool of war, donkeys were symbols of peace


However, it is a mandate of Scripture that He be Lord for us to be a part of the Eternal Kingdom

Romans 10:9-10


People are fearful of losing control


Bob Dylan said – “you gotta serve somebody, it might be the devil and just might be the Lord”


You are going to have something in charge of you.


Jesus exemplifies for us a way of life under his leadership

·         Bless those who persecute you

·         Love Your neighbor

·         Take care of the needy

·         Be Community

·         To lead is to serve

·         Lay down your life


Tyranny is having someone rule over you with wrong motives, ill intentions, and evil decisions

Freedom is not being in control, it is giving control to one who will guide, direct and knows best

·         We don’t know the future – he does

·         We don’t have all the answers – he does

·         We can’t fix things – he can

·         We flounder looking for purpose – he is and gives purpose


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