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Weakness – Presence Part 1

April 7, 2008

Over the next few days, I’m going to cover some ideas and things about times of weakness in our lives.  Today, I want to talk about God’s presence in our weakness.

The question that is asked often in times of difficulty and weakness in our lives (I know I’ve asked it) is, “God, Where are you?”  Now, scripture teaches us that He will “never leave nor forsake us”, but if you’re like me, there are times where you are totally aware that you don’t know where God is.  That doesn’t mean that He’s not, it just means that we are overwhelmed by circumstance and are “out of touch”. 

It is amazing how people can feel totally alone in the presence of others.  People can isolate themselves even when they continue to interact and have realtionships.  Weakness, difficulty, and pain causes us to get our eyes on the sources of those issues and off of that which can bring strength.  Much like Peter being distracted and overwhelmed by the waves that day on the water, our weakness, the inability to change things affecting us or those we love, can call out for our attention and we begin to cower in fear and doubt. 

God’s presence is life.  It is paramount that we stay “in touch”.  He’s here always, but when we loose eye contact, when we let go, we become victims of our weakness.  His presence in our lives gives us hope, life, peace, and the strong assurance of His control that will save to the uttermost.

No matter your circumstance today, the difficulty, your weaknesses, practice the presence of God.  Call out to Him and press in.  Choose to sing, read His word, confess out loud His promises even if you feel defeated.  You will find the sustaining presence of God in the midst of your weakness.

Until tomorrow



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  1. I am going to politely ask you to GET OUT of my head!!! LOL.
    You have hit the nail right on the head, honey!
    Keep it coming.
    …Going to practice the presence of God.
    Love you.

  2. sarah permalink

    I have read so much with this in it lately. I know those feelings all to well, and, Scott, I agree with Joell, get out of my head! But it’s true, we all feel it, but thankfully He never leaves our side.

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