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April 8, 2008

Man, am I unqualified for what I do.  Yeah, I’ve got a Bible degree from an acredited college, I’ve played guitar for a lot of years, I’ve been in bands, I’ve worked in a number of “ministry” positions, I’m even pretty good with people.  HOWEVER, that is just realted experience, not qualification.  Truth is, you are unqualified too.

I want all of us to keep this thing in proper perspective.  It is by the grace of God alone, for His purposes alone, and at His pleasure that we serve.  There is always someone better.  There is always someone that sings better, knows more, performs better, has more experience.  Besides, it keeps us humble!

God places us here.  It is His call and our obedience that qualifies us.  The scripture says walk in a manner that is worthy of the calling.  So for us in the Worship Arts Department, that means to worship with abandon, life a life of Godly character, love God and love people.

Be excited! God called you, for this hour, for this place.  It’s going to be awesome! He’s qualifed you.

Love You Guys


  1. tim permalink

    thanks for the great words of wisdom. i have really been enjoying your writing. click for a great article on the attributes of God with scripture reference.

  2. Scott – your words always hold so much meaning for us. You & Lisa are a great inspiration to all of us and your love for us & the Lord shines through in everything you do. Thanks for being a great leader!

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