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Weakness – Power Part 2

April 8, 2008

Yesterday I talked about the fact that God is present in every situation and that our being “in touch” with Him is what sustains us in difficult times.  Today I want to take that a quick step forward.  God doesn’t leave us hanging.  If we continue with the story of Peter (Matthew 14) walking on the water, when Peter began to sink (because of getting his eyes off of Jesus and becoming overwhelmed by fear), He called out to Jesus.

When we talk about staying connected to the presence of God, we need to understand that there is power in His presence.  The Bible tells us that God’s “arm is not too short to save and that his ears aren’t to dull to hear” (Isaiah 59:1).  What is cool here is that Peter’s perdicament proves this.  He called out to Jesus, “Save me!”, the Bible says there that Jesus, “Immediately” reached out and caught him.  Jesus heard and saved Peter.

So understand, as we practice God’s presence (know Him, worship Him, obey His commands), there is power there.  He is faithful and just.  If we will just call out, place our trust in him (not how He will fix something, but that He is in control), he will hear and reach out.  He is mighty to save!  Take heart and rejoice, our God is here in our weakness and his power, his loving arm reaches out to catch us if we will just cry out to Him.




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One Comment
  1. Thanks for the encouragement again today. 🙂
    Miss you and love you.

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