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Expectation and Delivery

April 11, 2008

Lisa and I headed to the Baby doctor today to get what they called a B.P.P (it’s a sonagram, the nurse said it was because of Lisa’s age).  I don’t think they really understand that Sarah was almost 100 years old when she had her baby!  Old is realative. Anyhow, we were scared to be honest.  We’ve been down that road before, schedule for a sonagram only to recieve not so good news.  We were all knotted up with expectations of the unknown.  “We’re not sure what they’ll find, we’ve got this nagging feeling it’ll be bad.”  Let me tell you guys something today.  YOU CAN’T LIVE LIKE THAT!  I know that there are seasons of life which turn out to be good sometimes and painful others.  But, God is still God and He will deliver.  He said He wouldn’t leave us hanging, He said He loves us with an everlasting love, He said that He is working through all things to our good if we will love Him and answer His call.  God Delivers!

Expecting the unknown to have final answers on you (and normally our expectation is that it is going to be bad, be honest) only serves to rob us of the delivery that God is bringing.  Don’t miss it!  Don’t miss what God is doing!  Expect God to honor His promises, Expect God to be there, Expect that His plan is at work no matter the circumstance!  He and He alone is the one who has the final word.

So the sonogram was great!  The baby is coming just as God promised me in a word the first month we knew about Lisa’s pregnancy. We’re excited and we’re leaning on God (a sure thing) and not being controlled by the unknown (fear).

Expect God, He Delivers!




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  1. When I learned that y’all were expecting, I had nothing but joy in my heart. I immediately felt in my spirit, and believe that it was God who spoke it to me, that THIS precious one, would be delivered, whole and healthy. That all would be well. In faith, I couldn’t believe anything other than that. I’m glad to know that you had the same word. 🙂

    Fear ties us to the lie that the deceiver wants us to believe…that God is NOT able. We know differently, don’t we! God IS ABLE to do ALL things.

    I can’t wait to meet Olivia–
    Love you and Lisa and kids! Miss you!

  2. tim permalink

    Just want to see I love you guys. Our God is an awesome God!

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