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Behold . . . He is Coming!

April 15, 2008

Last night I had a dream.  When I actually remember my dreams, there is usually something the Lord is speaking, not just bad pizza.  So what follows is what took place in my dream and what I feel like the Lord is saying, at least to me.

In the first part of the dream, Lisa, Victoria, one of Victoria’s friends, Joseph and myself were going to an amusement park for the day.  While we were there, we were walking along a boardwalk that lined a small lake.  Out of the water rose this animatronic/robot dragon that was roaring and moving back and forth towards the boardwalk.  I thought that Joseph, whom I was carrying, would be scared of the show.  So I took him around a small corner so he couldn’t see.  Then, Victoria, her friend, and others on the boardwalk came out with water guns to shoot the dragon.  As the dragon was doused with water he sank back into the lake.  We all laughed and enjoyed the show/game.

In the second part of the dream, we were inside of a large mall atrium.  Rodney (a worship team member at Eagle’s Nest Church) came up to me and asked, “Do you believe in prophecy?”  To which I said, “Remember the I.H.O.P. (International House of Prayer) CD I gave you?” I was referring to the CD called “Breathe Prophesy“.  He said, “Listen, I love this part.”  He turned and placed the CD in a player and began to play a section of the song “Saturate My Soul”.  He looked me in eye and began to sing the words along with it, “Behold . . . Behold . . . He Is Coming!”  I could feel the presence of God in that moment.

First, I feel like there are many fights we encounter in this world that we make way more out of them than they are.  We get consumed with fear, and miss the fact that God is in charge and wants us to enjoy Family, Community, and life. Our fears of the unexpected things that arise in life (the fake dragon in the water), when placed in Him, are simply like driving away that fake dragon with water guns. I’m sure there are many more analogies that can be made here, but this is what resonated in my heart.

Second, He Is Coming!  Believe it.  Not only is he coming physically again . . . SOON, he desires to be made known in the circumstances of life.  He is coming in our church, He is coming in our home, He is coming in the circumstances of our lives.  Behold – watch, see it, apprehend it, believe it – He Is Coming!




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  1. tim permalink

    those are great words! I am excited! Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

  2. Sarah Salter permalink

    That’s some pretty awesome insight there, buddy! I feel that deeply in my Spirit… This may be cliche, but I feel an urgency almost like thunder rumbling in the distance… Okay, so I haven’t talked to you in a couple of years, but I found out today that my boss (Jon Oliver) knew you at Emmanuel… Just thought I’d pop by and mention that. I DO LOVE YOU GUYS! Take care! And if you ever need ANYTHING, drop a sister a line!

  3. sarah permalink

    i so started singing that song today when i was painting and i haven’t heard it in weeks

  4. steve permalink

    Good word my friend!!!These are great times we are living in.Where the spirit of the lord is. Love ya man!!!

  5. kmillard permalink

    Congrats on baby numero tres!
    Hope you are enjoying the north!

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