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The Inter-“net”

April 18, 2008

Net – noun (

  • anything serving to catch or ensnare

Today at the church the internet was down.  You might have thought that productivity had come to a standstill.  For those of you who are unholy enough to watch South Park (LOL), there was an episode that aired last night that captures the point of this post.  (Truthfully, I did not see the episode, but Chippy-doodle,  yes, the great Omegachip,  relayed the episode to me and I absolutely wish I had seen it!)

The Internet was not working in the town of South Park, to which the response was much like the great Stock Market crash.  People jumping out of windows, losing thier minds, etc.  After much durress, they decided to pack up and press westward accross the country to find the Internet.  Upon arriving in Silicon Valley and finding it wasn’t working there either, they decided to head to the heart of the Internet itself.  It, the Internet, was housed in an unground bunker and was basically a huge Linksys Router.  It had the dreaded orange light.  No one knew what to do.  They even tried the Close Encounters of the Third Kind musical communitcation with it to no avail.  Finally, one of the South Park kids has a revelation of what to do.  He unplugs it and plugs it back in.

Yeah, I laughed too.  We all keep unplugging that thing, counting to 30, and plugging it back in.  Today, that did not work.  I wound up with a T1 Technician on call to fix it, only to have him discover that it was something with our equipment not thiers.  No emails, no interoffice communication (except the kind that involves actual relationships and walking), no shared calendars, no ordering, no myspace (LOL), and no blogging.

What are we doing?! I know that I am paradoxing here by posting this online, but we’ve got to wise up and be careful.  I felt unfruitful today because I couldn’t accomplish things due to a convenience that I’ve come to depend on way too much.  Now trust me, I’m not anti-technology, but I am keenly aware of how much time we waste while thinking we’re saving it, how much time we communitcate facelessly to others intstead of investing in the closest relationships that need us the most.  Mostly, the time that we give away to things we feel we can’t do without instead of taking a quiet walk and listening to God or reading his word (the old fashioned way).

Use technology for the Kingdom, use it for fun!  Don’t jump out of a window or head west when it breaks (do try the unplug bit, it works most of the time).  Just keep a check on where and how you invest your time, life, and focus.  Don’t miss the still small voice of God, the smile of your mate, the laugh of your children, the needs of all of those right around you everyday.




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  1. omegachip permalink

    wow! did anyone catch the name of that bus I just got thrown under ?!? rofl

    As always, great insight into our weird, wired world. Thanks for sharing and caring. Now I think I need to go pray a little extra, repent for all my ‘unholiness’


  2. RE: “but I am keenly aware of how much time we waste while thinking we’re saving it”

    You are so right on here. And I am quite guilty of this for sure!

    Love you! Counting down to Olivia! 🙂

  3. higherplace permalink

    O Mr. Omegachip, I be no more holy than thou. I believe it is you who so often shows me the light! LOL

    Seriously, thanks for making me think!

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