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What serves what?

April 19, 2008

I was talking to omegachip this morning after I dropped off Victoria for school and we were discussing the ethos ministrywe lead.  We’re in the transition process at the moment (taking it to the next level) and are at the place of asking everyone involved to evaluate their commitment and take it to the next level.   Not that anyone is doing bad or being slack (they’re not – they work incredibly hard), but that to pursue the vision God has given, it is going to require a lot of all of us.  God is on the move at ethos and we want to move with God.  Not be obligated, but serve and work because it’s the most awesome things going!

This discussion prompted some thoughts.  I’ve been in church work for a long time.  I’ve attended church my whole life.  In western culture, we have a tendency to participate in a bunch of “hobbies” that make us happy (from entertainment, to work, to relationships – yes, we treat them like hobbies sometimes).  When things are fun, the way we like them, convenient, and don’t make us uncomfortable, we love them and are committed to them.  But what about when things require more?  So many of us, yes, me included, treat church service and attendance as another thing on our list to do.  We go to the grocery store, we go the mall, we play Wii, we go to church . . .  All of the things we do serve us – serve our need for entertainment.  NOT THAT ENTERTAINMENT IS BAD OR UNGODLY.  BUT . . . when it comes to the church family (the people – not the building) that we are a part of or the mission/vision we know God has given us, everything else we do should serve that purpose.  I work so I can serve God.  I eat so I can serve God.  I want my whole life given to His purposes.  SOOOOOO, chase Jesus, work for the vision of God with abandon!  Also, play Wii, eat, and go to the mall.  Just hold His stuff in a much higher level our your list.


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  1. sarah permalink

    this is such something that ive been dwelling on today, so often we do this and dont even realize,

  2. As Daddy would say, that’s a good word!
    Love you!

  3. machthree permalink

    man when I try to take it to the next level, watch out, satan will be trying every trick he knows to prevent it from happening. Remember he has no power over us. he can make suggestions but don’t give in, gird yourself with truth.

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