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April 24, 2008

The Lead Pastor at our church (Bob Weed) has just finished a series about the vision and direction of our church.  The series, titled A.B.C., really was insightful and challenging.  We hear a tremendous amount in contemporary and charismatic church circles about being a “New Testament Church”.  What does that mean?  The New Testament Church didn’t have a building, large PA systems, vast amounts of paid staff, a pastor with a MDIV degree, or even 501c3 non-profit status.  What does it mean?

Pastor Bob’s series was about the real idea, Authentic Biblical Community (A.B.C.).  I know, I know, it’s a catchy 3 point thingy, but hang in there this is important.  Authentic, Biblical, and Community which means Truth, Love, and Obedience.  The N.T. Church operated according to the command of Christ – Love God, Love People (Luke 10:27).  They also, emphasized obedience to God and His commands.  And that it all is based upon the Truth of the Gospel.  Love is the thing that sticks it together.  Truth without love can destroy people, love without truth can lead to heresy, obedience without love is legalism.  It is a three legged stool, we need them all.

OK, so that sounds elementary.  We tend to write off the foundational because it is simple sometimes, or we file it way back in our hearts and minds because it is basic.  May the Lord return us to our first love!  It’s not about the specific form of our organizations, it’s not about the presentation in our meetings, it’s not about my way or preferences.  It’s about a love for God and people that produces obedience and compels us to share the truth.  COMMUNITY!  Live the life of faith as family.  It’s as simple as A.B.C. It’s also as paramount as A.B.C.


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