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Labor Laps

April 28, 2008

Well . . . we’re officially on baby watch!  Lisa began having consistent contractions this afternoon so, under doctor’s advisement, headed off to the hospital.  Once we got upstairs, Lisa got all pluggeded up to machines, and they checked the “lady things”. They determined that we still had time to go.  So . . . off to labor laps we went.  You know, the Hospital in Lewes, DE is a tiny, tiny, little place.  We were to walk for an hour and fifteen minutes.  That equated to more laps than I can count.  Down by Xray, past MRI, a good view of the staff cafe’, into the E.R. (at least they were discussing the NFL draft on ESPN there), and back around again.  We tried our hardest to get some movement on the “lady things” to no avail.  They kicked us out.  So were at home waiting for the labor to kick up a notch.  We’ll keep you as posted as we can.  Love ya’ll, thanks for your prayers!  Olivia is on the way!


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One Comment
  1. UGH! I know you must have been bummed to have to go back home…but truth is, Olivia is coming either way. Maybe today!!! 🙂

    We’re excited!! And we’re praying!

    Love you all!

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