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My Wife is Superwoman

April 28, 2008

Or she’s at least a little crazy.  Being that walking helps move labor along (hence the labor laps at the hospital last night), I wake up this morning and Lisa is hopping on the tread mill and going to town.  Man, she’s serious business! LOL.  Go Olivia Go!


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  1. Sarah permalink

    Go Lisa! I guess I should get a treadmill! I’m praying for you guys today and can’t wait to meet Olivia!

  2. LOL! Go ahead Lisa. That chick is on a mission!
    Hope that helps move her “lady things” along!
    Love you so much and continuing to pray!

  3. johnhobbs permalink

    Come on Baby!!!!!!!!

  4. Baby Carolyn permalink

    Baby Olivia! Come on out and play!

  5. Fear not, Lisa! I have it on good authority that Olivia will be here by August!

  6. sarah permalink

    lisa, on the treadmill? hmm this baby does need to come, see yall soon

    (p.s. the baby carolyn comment is hilarious)

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