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Don’t Waste It

May 3, 2008

GO SEE IRON MAN!  It’s Great! (Those of you who get upset by a little (OK, a lot of) action, bad guys getting it, and tiny bit of innuendo, might not like it)  It is definitely my favorite Super Hero Movie.  There is a scene in the first quarter of the movie that is worth the price of spiritual admission

****** SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT ********

Tony Stark has been injured in an attack and is being held captive by some terrorist types.  Taking the brunt of a blast embedded some high tech shrapnel into his chest and was killing him.  Another captive, a local scientist, saves Tony’s life by protecting his heart with a device.  Later, when Tony goes to make his escape (in the Mark 1 armor no less, for us nerds) his fellow captive sacrifices his life so Tony can escape and be free.  In an exchange just before the fellow captive dies, Tony says, “Thank you for saving my life”.  To which the man that saved Tony’s life says, “Don’t waste it, don’t waste it”.  What’s awesome about this is that Tony is a purpose-less jerk before the incident, he becomes a heroic man on a mission afterwards.

Jesus saved my life, I don’t want to waste it.  He gave me purpose, I out on a mission.

Don’t waste it.

(BTW, Lisa is still having contractions and if we haven’t had Oliva before Wednesday, they’re gonna induce!  It’s be in the next few days for sure!  Keep Praying!)


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  1. I’ll go one step further… Don’t waste anything God has given you. Even those things that would floor us from their sheer weight are gifts from God to fulfill His purpose in us.

    Here’s a great teaching on this concept by Dr. John Piper called Don’t Waste Your Cancer:

  2. hey I wrote one about the movie too…..

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