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Crazy Week – It’s CFO

July 7, 2008

Sorry I have been a gonner for a week.  I was at Georgia Mountains CFO, a family camp, as a speaker.  They had internet access, I just was swamped by camp, God, and – well – more God!  So I just didn’t get to hop online all that much. What an awesome time.  You know God is always doing some more that I really didn’t expect!  I came into the week fairly well planned and every time I stood up to speak, I mean every time, God absolutely gave me different stuff to say.  Keeping me on my toes!  I got reunited with a friend and fellow speaker from California.  I had a wonderful elderly lady that kissed me on the cheek all week.  I played ultimate frisbee (it ought to be an olympic sport by the way).  I ate camp food, eeewwww. I got in the lake to baptize folks and was swarmed by little fish that chewed on the hairs on my legs.  AND – I got to watch God just do some crazy amazing things in the lives of folks!

Live life.  God makes it more than you can imagine.  “To Him who is excedingly and abundantly able to do more than we can think or imagine . . .”

Love you guys, more to come this week,


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