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July 22, 2008

Maybe my prayers are to cluttered with stuff.  Ever began to talk and get overwhelmed with emotion. (My kids do this and are crying before you can explain to them)

Sometimes this is necessary, to pour out our hearts.  Just to get out all of the stuff.  Sometimes you’ve got to dump out the junk drawer just to see what’s in it.

But when aren’t hearing God – it has more to do with us than we think.  The prayers cluttered by emotions and frenzy and junk everywhere can be just as loud as the problems themselves.

Elijah and the still small voice 1 Kings 19:11-13

Silence is pregnant with the presence of God.  He is here.  The truth is that anything we face is less than God.  So anything that we are seeking an answer for is in a sense already answered because He is with us.

Secondly, in the silence is a need to be still and wait.

Disciples in the upper room  – Acts 1 go and wait, they prayed for a number of days to receive the move of God

Sometimes God is most interested in doing a work in us, before doing a work for us.  Long periods of silence from God can be frustrating, but often needed.

You don’t need to talk to pray.   Don’t just set aside times to pray (do that), but also incorporate into your every moment life.  (Pray without ceasing)  When we are more accustomed to conversing with God we are more likely to hear and respond to His leadings.

To the issue of a specific decision or seeking a specific answer. 

          Be sure and listen to the silence – it is an answer often

          Common sense is a language of the Spirit

          Situations reveal

          God’s wisdom is in Godly counsel

          Confirmation is the key


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One Comment
  1. A trivial life, immersed in fear and superstition, engenders the narrowness of prejudice. One cannot love if not through the love of the whole humankind.
    Intelligence without love and compassion cannot exist. The intellect without the heart never gets to the true reality of our existence, simply betrays an affection and intelligence living dead.

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