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July 31, 2008

As the Summer is coming to a close and we prepare for Fall, it is a good time to clean, think, process, re-order, and so forth.  I want to encourage you guys to look at a couple of things, pray, and prepare.


Being a part of the worship department is a big committment.  We’re talking about taking up the mantle of leadership to shoulder the Ark and lead the people.  Seeking ways to help the priesthood of believers connect with the presence of God.  Heavey stuff!  It is not something we want to take lightly or put in place behind anything else.

Take some time and pray about the things you are involved in and hear God about your role in the next season.  You want to be able to give it your all out of passion for Jesus not obligation.


Being a part of the Worship Department takes time.  This plays a large role in all of our lives.  We only have so much time.  So pray and ask God about how to best manage your time and how much time you really have to give.  We all have a tendency to over commit.  We want to do it all, but we can’t.  What tends to happen is that it is our committment to God and church that suffers behind all of the other stuff in our lives. It just seems easy to put it aside since God forgives and volunteers get appreciated but not paid, LOL!

Order those priorities!  It may be that you need to be with your family more right now, or maybe you need to rest, or maybe you need to be doing more in the Department.  We want to be able to invest time, give our time, and certainly BE ON TIME.  It’s not always easy, but in the long run it’s more than worth it!  The more wise we are with our time, the more we can offer God and people in Quantity and Quality.

Spiritual Development:

How’s your growth?  What are you reading?  Are you reading?  When is the last time you just sat, listened, and heard from God?  Are you worshipping even when you’re not on schedule?

You hear me say often, “Our public worship should only be an overflow of our private.”  We need to open up our wells, deepen them, and be filled daily with the Holy Spirit.  Allow the Lord to work on the hidden things in your life.  Find someone to help you be accountable with your struggles (we all have them).  Listen to worship music, read books written by Fathers in the faith, and certainly read your Bible!  Attend church even when you aren’t on schedule.  Fellowship with other believers.  SHARE YOUR FAITH (this will help you grow so much!).


Make time for you and Jesus.  Make time for your family.  Make time to play!  You are not going to have time in life to do it all.  But if you slow down and become a Mary in the Middle of a Martha’s World (Song by Allen Levi) you will find the all that you do is filled with the presence of God.

I hope this blesses you guys.  It’s where I’m at today as I plan for the Fall and beyond and I want everyone of you marching with me!  It’s going to be an exciting time.  God is moving with some great momentum in the life of our church right now.  It’s an exciting time to be a part!

Love Ya’ll


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  1. robdrums permalink

    Asland is on the move!

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