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Dead burying the Dead

August 1, 2008

Here’s  great quote from Rufus Mosely (1870-1954) written in his book, “Manifest Victory”:

“. . . the Jesus way is that of immediate guidance and fellowship.  All who give themselves to be led by Jesus and by His good Spirit become like HIm.  This is the law: You become like the one you believe in enough to give yourselfself as subject and follower.  Like leader, like people; like shepherd, like flock.  To follow the blind long enough and far enough is to go blind yourself as well as into the ditch.  Even those who follow the dry, the dull, and the dead also become dry, dull, and dead.  Everywhere it takes the ressurected to resurrect the dead.  The dead are expert on burying the dead, but have to become ressurected themselves before they can become channels for the abundant life of Jesus.”

Good Stuff.


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  1. Yes, good stuff.
    Praying for you! Love you!

  2. Halleluia! We are no longer slaves to sin, but have been set free by the blood of Christ. Now, by the grace of God we are His bondservants, slaves to love! Christs’ nature is in us and with us by the power of the Holy Spirit. The more we seek Him, the more His nature will be evident in us! We are His!

    Good post and Rufus Mosely rocks!

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