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Can we live in culture?

August 27, 2008

It’s been an awesome time of growth and change for ethos over this summer.  We are moving into our next phase of fulfilling the vision God has laid out for us as a community,  “To engage culture with the love of Christ and learn to live the life of faith.”  As we prepare to move our service into a larger space and work on the mechanics of our gathering to prepare for the growth we are believing God for, we know that it is an amazing journey we are on together.  We all are a part of what God desires to do.  Some of us will setup, some will sing, some will pour coffee, some will work the lights, some will clean up, ALL OF US can love our neighbor and invite them to come.

This is where this past week’s message comes in.  Not only can we live in culture, we NEED to live in culture. We don’t comprimise the life we are called to in Christ, but we don’t condem the world either.  We love those around us with the love we have been loved with.

Take the time to watch the service the got see almost all of.  (Got to love technology)  Be challenged and come and be a part! Click the link below:

Perry Noble Video – Can we enjoy culture?


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